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    What Happens If You Pass Without A Will?

    Uncover the impact of passing without a will on your loved ones.

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    Don't Leave Your Legacy Up To Chance

    Dying without a will may lead to a series of alarming consequences that could greatly impact your loved ones and the legacy you leave behind. Without a will, your assets and possessions may be subject to intestacy laws, which means the government decides how your estate is distributed, often overlooking your true wishes.

    This can result in lengthy legal battles, hefty administrative costs, and unnecessary emotional turmoil for your family during an already difficult time.

    The Devastating Consequences Of Dying Without A Will

    In this eye-opening video, we delve into the significant risks and challenges you may face if you were to pass without a will. From inheritance disputes, to unintended beneficiaries, and your spouse's new partner inheriting your estate over your kids - here are the five critical threats that can unravel your legacy, leaving your loved ones vulnerable to legal complexities and bitter family disputes. Don't let uncertainty and chaos define your final chapter.

    To My Family...

    I hereby leave you all several months, possibly years, of financial hardship and expense, whilst you go to unnecessary lengths to sort out my affairs.

    To My Spouse/ Partner...

    I hereby leave you some (but probably not all) of what I own.

    To My Children...

    I hereby leave you the remainder of my Estate and give you the authority to enforce the sale of any part of it to realise your inheritance.

    To Social Services...

    If my children are orphaned, I give you the authority of Guardianship and the power to choose who shall look after them.

    To The Tax Man...

    I hereby leave you all the Tax that I could have avoided and given to my family.

    Take Back Control Now And Document Your Final Act Of Love!

    Unlock the power of your will and leave a lasting legacy by initiating the will writing process through our simple form below.

    What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

    If you die without a will, your estate will be subject to the rules of intestacy. This means your assets will be distributed according to predetermined legal order, which may not align with your wishes. You can check what will happen in your specific case - here. 

    Will My Loved Ones Automatically Inherit My Assets If I Don't Have A Will?

    No, without a will, there is no guarantee that your loved ones will automatically inherit your assets. The rules of intestacy dictate who will receive the estate based on their relationship to you, which may not reflect your desired beneficiaries.

    Who Decides How My Estate Will Be Distributed If I Don't Have A Will?

    In the absence of a will, the government-appointed administrator, known as a personal representative, will make decisions regarding the distribution of your estate following the rules of intestacy.

    Can The Government Claim My Assets If I Die Without A Will?

    While the government doesn't directly claim your assets, if you pass without a will and don't have any surviving relatives covered by intestacy laws, the Crown can make a claim on your estate, further complicating matters and potentially diverting your assets away from your intended beneficiaries. 

    What Are The Potential Consequences For My Family If I Pass Away Without A Will?

    The consequences of dying without a will can include delays in the distribution of assets, disputes among family members, higher administrative costs, and possibility of assets passing to individuals you may not have intended to be beneficiaries. 

    Can I Ensure My Specific Wishes Are Followed After I'm Gone If I Don't Have A Will?

    No. The only way to ensure your specific wishes are followed after your passing, it is crucial to create a valid will. This legal document allows you to designate beneficiaries, specify asset distribution, appoint guardians for minor children, and make other important decisions regarding your estate, providing a peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

    Write My Will

    At My Estate Planner, we are driven by a heartfelt mission to safeguard your wishes and secure the future of your loved ones. With our expert probate, will, and estate planning services, we provide the support and guidance you need to navigate these important matters with confidence and peace of mind. 


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