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    At My Estate Planner, we are a team of experienced probate lawyers who understand the importance of preserving your legacy and ensuring that your true wishes are carried out. Our mission is to empower you to protect your loved ones and secure your future. With our seamless will and probate services, you can shape your legacy effortlessly, knowing that we are here to support you every step of the way. Start planning with confidence and create a lasting impact for generations to come.


    Planning for the inevitable isn’t something anyone looks forward to. As an executor, navigating the complexities of a loved one’s will can be an emotional and challenging journey. I personally lived through that traumatic and painful experience when my father passed without a will.

    Tragically, the difficulties don’t end there. I witnessed the helplessness of my mentor’s widow left to handle a sizable estate without proper guidance, facing exceptionally high probate costs. The pain and anguish she endured while dealing with the estate was plain for all to see.

    Sadly, our clients’ stories further highlighted the additional misery families endure during bereavement every day. From unexpected fees, contentious probate battles that stretched for years, and a steady decline in the estate’s value - we’ve seen it all.

    All these events caused me to think deeper into these issues and reflect on the various problems and family crises that ensue upon the death of a loved one. Dealing with a person’s estate is not a question of IF, it is a question of WHEN.


    In my father’s case, it was a case of two weeks too late. When I finally pushed it, I was then asked to find a Will Writer to visit him to document his final act of love. I must admit it was probably too late then since none of us wanted to think about his demise.

    So, when the Legal Services Board opened up the probate market, I had no more excuses for not offering this holistic service to our customers and family members, no matter how uncomfortable it was for everyone involved. Because, in the end, we do get involved when the unavoidable occurs (advising on inheritance tax, producing estate accounts, doing company appraisals, and evaluating the Will).

    I could no longer sit on the fence and watch, so I went ahead to get the necessary legal qualifications and get accredited for this work, and that is how My Estate Planner Ltd came to be. It is my goal to raise greater awareness of these thorny issues and help all concerned to reflect, take action, and avoid completely unnecessary pain and suffering.

    Jonathan Amponsah LLB CTA

    Jonathan Amponsah, our founder and experienced FCA CTA, certified for probate and will services. He is here to provide presonalized solutions, guidance and leadership that strives to make a positive impact on your life




    How We Work

    First step is filling out necessary information or documentation to start the process

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    Begin the process by completing our relevant simple online form, providing us with the necessary information to help us create a personalized service based on your needs.

    Clarity meeting where personal interaction and discussion take place

    Clarity Meeting

    We'll book you in for a 45 minute free meeting (in person or online) where we discuss your situation, fees and explain to you how we can help.

    Engagement step where we make important agreements and commitments

    Finalize and Sign

    The final step is for you to easily approve our engagement letter, set up your payment and send us a copy ID. All done electronically, quickly and stress-free.

    What We Can Help You With

    Document Your Final Act of Love

    Did you know that over 60% of the UK population does not have a Will? With our Will Writing services, you can finally document your final act of love and nip any uncertainties in the bud.

    Remove Probate Misery and Hassle

    The hassle of dealing with probate and added stress of not knowing how much it will cost are removed by us with our Probate Misery Repellent System.

    Prevent Family Crisis

    Is there a Will? Can it be found? Who gets what? Missing beneficiaries? Financially unstable beneficiaries? Our state administration services will help reduce these problems for you.

    Reduce Inheritance Tax and Penalties

    Your inheritance tax and penalties are reduced and your tax risks prevented with our proprietary 4E tax planning system.

    Protect Your Loved Ones

    Your loved ones would be protected from the problem of Disnheritance if you consider our Family Protection and Trust services.

    Preserve Your Business & Life's Work

    With our Business Owner Succession Service (BOSS), you remain the Boss in preserving your business assets and life's work.

    At My Estate Planner, we are a team of probate lawyers driven a heartfelt mission to safeguard your wishes and secure the future of your loved ones. With our expert probate, will, and estate planning services, we provide the support and guidance you need to navigate these important matters with confidence and peace of mind. 


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