Protect Your Loved Ones

Setting up a Trust combined with making a will is an essential part if you want to be sure you’re your loved ones are protected and that you leave your property and possessions to your chosen beneficiaries. If you die without a will the rules of Intestacy decide who will receive your property and possessions.

As members of the Society of Will Writers, our will writing and Trust services will ensure you have peace of mind knowing who will look after any children, who become the beneficiaries of your estate, how your estate is passed down and how your assets are protected from creditors, second marriages, etc.

And if you have an existing will we can review it and recommend any changes. With the constant changes in tax rules, you may find that the assets you thought you protected a few years ago are now exposed or that the arrangements you put in place are no longer required.

Please call us on 0208 875 2530 or email us with your queries.

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