Your Kids Being Deprived Of Inheritance

Will My Kids Be Short Changed When I’m Gone?

Your Kids Being Short Changed or Deprived Of Their Inheritance

It’s a sad, but all too common fact, that the so called Sideways Disinheritance affects thousands of families every year. Assets meant for children are often diverted away from the desired inheritance line due to one of many possible events in life that will affect most families at some point.

What is most frustrating is that the deceased’s wishes not being fulfilled is all so avoidable.

The problem is often that people just don’t receive the help they need to consider all of the eventualities that could adversely affect their wishes. They simply aren’t aware of all the options available, such as Family Trusts, which are without doubt the most useful and robust Legacy Planning product to provide the certainty and peace of mind that wishes will be respected and loved ones’ inheritance protected.

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