How We Work


In just 3 Easy Steps, you too can Preserve Your Business, Avoid Probate Misery and Prevent Family Crisis.

Step 1 – Clarity Conversation

Everything relationship starts with a conversation. We know that you’re busy and time is important. That is why we offer a brief 15 minutes conversation (rather than ask you to come in) to get some clarity on your situation, whether we’re the right firm to assist and whether we will be a good fit for each other. If yes, we will simply ask for some information to progress to step 2.

Step 2 – Clarity Meeting (and Fees)

During this 45 minutes free meeting (in person or online depending on distance), there will be absolute clarity on the following:

  • Your Requirements
  • How We Can Help
  • Fixed Transparent Fees

If you require tax, estate planning or succession law advice, then we recommend our initial advisory consultation. The fixed fee will be £300+vat. 

Step 3 – Clarity Engagement

The final step is for you to easily approve our engagement letter, set up your payment and send us a copy ID.

All done electronically.  All done quickly. All done stress-free. There will be absolute clarity on our commitments and core values to help make your business less taxing and to achieve your goals.

The whole process is designed to be EASY, QUICK and STRESS-FREE. Oh and you’re free to cancel at any time. No lock in contracts or exit charges.

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